Burkina Faso: possible dissolution of the CSC, professional media organizations “warn”

The headquarters of the Superior Council of Communication
Professional media organizations including the National Press Center Norbert Zongo (CNP-NZ) denounce a questioning of the Superior Council of Communication (CSC) by the current authorities. “ The latest news is that there are reports of a desire to dissolve the councilors of the college or the institution on the pretext of the crisis ”, can we read in the press release published on August 03, 2022.

These professional media organizations denounce a blockade of the functioning of the CSC, by the power of the Patriotic Movement for Safeguarding and Restoration (MPSR). Despite the outcome of the legal proceedings between the elected president Abdoulaziz Bamogo and the unsuccessful candidate Danielle Bougaïré, these organizations regret that nearly a month later, the President of the Transition does not issue the decree to ratify the election of the president of the CSC .

The note informs that information makes case of a will to dissolve the councilors of the college or the CSC on the pretext of the crisis. “The formation of a new college or the substitution of the CSC by any other authority, whatever its name, is only a purely political maneuver”.

This is why these organizations “want to draw the attention of the authority to the serious precedent that this unjustified and purely political decision would constitute in the sense that it will justify the definitive death of the regulatory authority in the eyes of the actors communication”.

“As a result, we withdraw our confidence in a possible new college or any other new institution which will only have the mission of repressing the press and calling into question the democratic achievements in the media sector”, concludes the note.

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In June 2022, Danielle Bougaïré had filed a complaint to denounce the resignation procedure of the former Vice-President, elected President of the CSC, Abdoulazize Bamogo, the day after his resignation.

On June 23, the Administrative Court considered that the arguments presented by Mrs. Bougaïré were not sufficient to suspend the effects of the minutes of the election of Mr. Bamogo. She was therefore dismissed. Since then, the elected president has not yet taken office, for lack of a decree appointing the President of the Transition, Paul-Henri Damiba.


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